Creative Design From creation to engineering

Driven by our desire to bring our clients reactivity, flexibility and service quality, we have based our development based on innovation and expertise. Whether in our French or German locations, or directly from our clients' offices, our experts create, design and manage your projects.


Design Innovation & progress

Multidisciplinary intellectual and creative process.
Its goal is to bring innovative solutions to daily life issues, whether with business, social or environmental stakes.

Our designers convey through sketches or other media their concepts: interior design/architecture, visual content communication, products and services, bringing them to life with a purpose, an emotion and an identity.

Observation, analysis, awareness and technical culture allow our designers to find the right answers to our clients' projects.

Digital modelling Materialization in 3 dimensions

From sketches, 3D files, physical mock-ups or direct instructions from the creative designer, our digital modellers create 3D digital mock-ups to materialize and validate the design intention.

These 3D models can be the base for physical validation means (mock-up / prototypes) or simulations.

Class-A Surfacing At the edge between design and technique

Class-A surfaces materialize the creative intention while ensuring the technical and industrial feasibility of the product. They are the reference for validation and for production tools realization.

Thanks to their perfect mastery of cutting-edge software and up-to-date knowledge in the field, our teams create best quality surfaces of vehicles' interiors and exteriors. They also support you in the follow-up and management of your projects.

Engineering Product development and industrialization

TWIN Group has gathered through its projects for Tier-1 automotive suppliers a recognized expertise in the field of design and development of automotive plastic parts and tools. Our experts participate daily in the technical realization of these complex industrial means.

This recognition allowed TWIN group to later extend its skills in order to support clients of the aircraft industry for the development and simulation of primary and secondary structures, as well cabin interior design.


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