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Our philosophy

Our philosophy Who are we?

Thanks to the fidelity and trust of our clients, TWIN Group has become one of the key players in the digital design and development field. We have supported the most recognized names in the transportation and consumer goods industries for more than 25 years.

Our expertise is recognized in the creative design, 3D digital modelling, engineering and visualization fields.
We closely follow the evolution of our client's needs, with a focus on the quality as our priority. We bring the synergy between our creative and technical skills in order to best fulfill our clients' needs through an innovative and creative approach.

From creation to development, as well as digital modelling with or without including technical constraints, TWIN Group offers a wide range of services for all steps from creating to developping and showcasing your product. The recognition of our expertise and our know-how by the key players of the French and German automotive industry positions us among the leaders for the realization of digital modelling of class-A surfacing.

By showcasing your products in real or studio environment, our CGI studio offers various impactful, creative and innovating communication possibilities for your concepts, products or services, on any type of media. For all our teams gathering more than 100 specialists and experts in the creative design ecosystem, the priority is set on quality, costs and deadlines, key elements to ensure the satisfaction and fidelity of our clients.


Organization Modus operandi & project

Open to different cultures and modus operandi, TWIN Group's talents set up teams in order to manage your projects globally with three typical organizations:

  • Technical assistance directly on clients' sites: our experts work in direct collaboration with our clients' teams in their locations.
  • Project management on clients' sites + flexible back-office: One or several experts is sent on the client's site to manage the projetc and coordinate the interactions betwwen the client's team and our back-office. Our back-office realizes the project and intermediary deliverables.
  • Full back-office: we take the full responsability and realize your projects in our offices. Our experts ensure the realization of your project according the your specifications.

Our teams ensure the good realization of their projects thanks to a deep expertise in their fields and in cutting-edge tools and software commonly used by our clients.
TWIN Group brings your teams the necessaryflexibility and versatility to adpat to your technical and software solutions.

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We accompany the realization of your projects globally, with our teams of experts.

Contact our teams and bring your ideas to life.


Sourcing Experts ready to support you

Looking for profiles to support the success of your projects?

TWIN Group 's recruiting team uses all state of the art possible and available ressources to detect relevant profiles to fulfill even your most specific needs.

Do not hesitate to contact out teams for any type of request.

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