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Creative design requires many phases and fields of expertise to transform an idea into reality. TWIN supports you throughout your whole creative process from early ideation up to digital modeling.

TWIN teams also manage complete projects up to the realization of physical prototypes made by our partners.

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Our designers team creates concepts and products that meet our clients expectations while harmonizing their aesthetic and functional dimensions.

• Concept and styling ideation
• Color & Trim
• UI/UX Design
• Graphics

CAS Modelling

Whether from sketches, 3D files, physical models or instructions given by the designer, our modellers generate 3D digital models to retranscribe and validate an idea or a styling intention while integrating the first technical constraints.

• Creative, polygonal and/or parametric 

• Reverse engineering

Class-A Surfacing

Class-A surfacing is the culmination of a concept/product 3D digital definition before its industrialization, while ensuring the styling intention is respected.

The smallest details of each component of the product are built according to the constraints imposed by the specifications, feasibility and manufacturing processes.

• Class-A Surfacing

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